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Girl games for all

Girl Games Pink (girlgamespink.com) is a small independent game portal and girl game development studio, founded in 2012 by girls. Our mission is simple: We want to help girls all over the world to find good computer games for themselves and their girlfriends.


Usually sorted in sections of games based on a specific theme, targeted for children (16 and under) with no violent content. Our mission is to provide the best girl game content without offensive details (like foul language, crass humor, or suggestive themes). The games are added to our portal suitable for girls between the age of 6-14. Frankly we don't add any games that we wouldn't like to play ourselves. We discovereded that many girls feel the same way we do.


Since we started this girl game portal we continuously search to improve the user experience. Writing our own family-friendly games for both kids and adults. We scour the Internet looking for family-friendly games produced by other companies that we can add to the growing directory of girl games. We love games for girls, and we love the frequent e-mails from grateful girls telling us about the joy our portal gives them.


Not many girl games on this portal contain 3D graphics. Most games are plain 2D and a lot of fun to play. We continue to provide updates for all categories, even years after their original release, with support for newer operating systems, bug fixes, and new features (including some features that players request). Best of all, if you ever run into a problem with one of my games, We will personally help you solve it.

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The downside to being an independent portal is that it is hard to get noticed. We don't have a big advertising budget, and most publishers aren't interested in our work. So if you like what we are doing, please support me by telling your friends about our collection of quality girl games!

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If you like our games feel free to encourage us with your personal letter or e-mail, it will make our day! You can reach us by using the contact link at the bottom of each page

Thank you for playing our girl games!